Alright i have no clue what this game is about or what it looks like. But the name sounded interesting and the (350 points) sounded like an arcade type of game. So i want someone to check this out i have no clue what its written in seen as how the site is so not descriptive but i am sure somebody will let us know if this is portable.


adv350-pdp10.tar.gz [28-Dec-2000]
The original Crowther and Woods PDP-10 FORTRAN source code of the Colossal Cave Adventure (350 points). (There is another version of the original source in advent-original.tar.gz)

that or the old one [08-Apr-2003]
The original 350 points version of Colossal Cave, converted to the web scripting language PHP by Matt Cox. Requires PHP and a MySQL database.