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Thread: Review: NEO N64 Myth Flash Cart SPEC v2

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    N64 Review: NEO N64 Myth Flash Cart SPEC v2

    NEO N64 Myth Flash Cart SPEC v2
    Manufacturer: NeoFlash
    Site: Buy from IC2005
    Price: $199.00
    reviewed by wraggster

    Overview : The Neo N64 Myth is a flash cart for your Nintendo 64 that lets you transfer games from your PC to a cart via USB. This features support for ROMs up to 512MB, all save types (it will even let you back up the saves on your PC), up to two games at the same time, and more.

    • Support the N64 ROM size up to 512M
    • Support all save type perfectly included the flash save, not need the same save type N64 game cart to work together
    • Support 100% N64 games perfectly
    • Download games from PC to NEO2 cart directly via USB port
    • Upload/overwrite game save to PC via USB directly
    • Multi-CIC support, can use any N64 cart to boot Neo Myth on N64 console
    • Support Multi games, can download 2 games at the same time and swap the game via switch
    • Can select the N64 menu run from Neo2 game cart or N64 inner menu flash (under developing still)
    • Upgradeable! Support upgrade the N64 Myth cart CPLD logic core through the NDP upgrade kit

    A Little about the reviewer

    Ive been an emulation and homebrew fan for as many years as i can remember (since around 1996 i think) but nothing i repeat nothing is better than playing on the real hardware.

    Back in the Megadrive (Genesis) and SNES days i owned a Super Wild Card and a Super Double Pro fighter, both cost about 300 pounds and ill admit that it was a great way to play games that i would never have been able to afford or because of stupid region lockouts.

    So the day when Neoflash announced they were working on a Flash Cart for the Nintendo 64 called NEO Myth 64, i wanted one so badly, the chance to relive the best of the N64 and to play games I've never played was too much of a thrill to behold.

    Now i must point out that being a webmaster of a homebrew site makes me no expert, I'm just as clueless as most newcomers, i like websites and i like posting news, i like to know that if i need a certain release i should be able to find it on my sites (hopefully :P).

    Packaging: First off here's some screens of the N64 Flash Cart in and out its Packaging:

    Front Side View in Packaging

    Back Side view in Packaging

    The NEO N64 Myth cart

    Neo 2 Flash Cart - Which Holds SD Cards up to 8GB

    The Neo n64 Myth Cart and the Neo 2 Cart split apart

    The USB Lead

    You also get a Mini CD with a load of Drivers on for all Neo Products.

    Getting Started

    The N64 Flash Cart did come with a Mini CD of drivers but sadly there was no actual drivers for the N64 Flash Cart, so first off you need to head on over to Neoflash Forum to download the latest version of the software, once you've downloaded it (15MB) then click on to install to the directory it wants to, pretty straightforward for anyone.

    Clicking on the Neo 2 Ultra Menu Icon (look on your desktop or in new programs) will lead you onto a screen that looks like this:

    Now get your Neo Myth N64 Flash Cart and making sure that the cart that says 512M is inserted (or the Neo 2 Card with an SD Card inserted), connect the USB Lead to the Cart and Plug it into your Laptop or PC.

    It Should have no problems and automatically find drivers installed when you installed the software above, I had no problems using Windows Vista but with Windows XP Pro SP3 it wouldn't load the drivers properly, i did post a thread at Neoflash and was given instructions on how to fix this. (Try a different USB Lead it may be that)

    Adding ROMS, etc.

    Ok carrying on from the screenshot above if everything went ok you'll be able to start the juicy part, first off i did a quick format of the card, it took around 30 seconds to do, so no real biggie.

    Next on the list was to add ROMS to the Cart (Homebrew ROMS and Emulators can be found at links Below)

    Adding Roms is as easy as clicking the add ROM button and going to whereever your roms are, for some strange reason the cart/software at the moment only holds 2 ROMSbut i would think that will change in later versions of the firmware/software.

    Once you have added the ROMS you require then click on N64 Burn, depending on how big your ROMS are will depend on how long it takes to copy to the cart, give it a few minutes, it also verifies each burn.

    Now one thing to take into consideration is that if you have a USA N64, you will need a USA game plugged into the back of the N64 Myth Cart, If you have a Pal N64 youll need a Pal game plugged in.

    I have both a USA and UK (Pal) N64 and thankfully the Power supplies/TV Leads are universal so im able to swap at pleasure.

    Here's a pic of the Cart plugged into the N64

    Now for Homebrew roms you dont need anything else to boot them but say you want to boot one of the games that requires the Expansion Pack

    Games that need the Expansion Pack are the likes of Donkey Kong 64 and Zelda--The Majora's Mask and Perfect Dark, it also ups the resolution on many other games too.

    Onto the Gaming

    Ok you've burnt your games onto the Flash cart and you have the Flash Cart installed in the N64 with the correct region game in the back, now its time to turn on:

    It loads automatically into the game as you can see, if you did burn 2 games there's a little lever on the top of cart that you push over if you want the other ROM to load at the start before you turn the console on.

    Games I've Tested So Far

    Donkey Kong 64 - Perfect
    Star Wars Battle for Naboo - Perfect
    Diddy Kong Racing - Perfect
    GoldenEye 007 - Perfect
    Perfect Dark - Perfect
    PilotWings 64 - Perfect
    Killer Instinct - Perfect
    Star Wars Episode I - Racer - Perfect
    Stunt Racer 64 - Perfect
    Yoshi's Story - Perfect

    Over at Neoflash there's a more complete list of whats working and save issues etc.

    Conclusion : Today was one of them times when i was took back to the reasons i truly love the homebrew/Emulation scene. The Flash Cart seems easy to use, The adding of ROMS to the cart is as easy as they come so a big plus factor there, its a shame at this moment in time it only supports 2 ROMS, hopefully that's one thing that will be updated soon.

    Having no drivers and documentation on the CD will make it a little hard for newbies but i would think that most people that are going to buy this are the hardcore N64 fans of old.

    On the whole the ROMS it plays is great and if you have the expansion pack you can play just about every single N64 Game released and all homebrew and emulators too.

    The price for the Flash Cart is $199, so it will put a lot of people off but to retro collectors/major emulation fans it will be very worth it, if you owned one of the back up systems for the N64 this will be much more preferable as theirs no moving parts to break. Yes for that price you can buy a heck of a lot of the games but there's some genuine gems that are very hard to trace these days and the homebrew factor makes it worth it for me.

    My advice is to those who are tempted is go for it, the flash cart does what you really want it to and that's play Nintendo 64, a big thumbs up for Neoflash on this retro cart.

    I suppose like everything it depends how big a fan you are and what finances you have to spend on gadgets, for me it does what i want it to and its also seen the re-emergence of a Homebrew scene for the N64, we have already seen releases of ScummVM for the N64 and there's also SNES, NES, MSX, Master System/Game gear and Gameboy Emulators for the N64.

    Links of Interest - Official Sellers of the NEO Myth 64 N64 flash cart and Neoflash Products.
    Neoflash Forum for all discussion regarding the flash cart.
    N64 Development forum at Neoflash.
    N64 Homebrew News and Emulation Site at DCEmu.
    Homebrew N64 Games at N64 Scener.
    Homebrew N64 Demos at N64 Scener.
    Icequake n64 Site

    Images via comments
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    Yeah, what would I do with $200?

    Would I buy a jtag-hackable Xbox360 - enabling me to play almost everything (in time, I know) or would I spent the 200$ for at "flash card" for a console that has been dead for quite som years... hmm what to do, what to do?

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    Default Yes Buy It

    Quote Originally Posted by royvedas View Post
    Yeah, what would I do with $200?

    Would I buy a jtag-hackable Xbox360 - enabling me to play almost everything (in time, I know) or would I spent the 200$ for at "flash card" for a console that has been dead for quite som years... hmm what to do, what to do?
    You would definantly buy a JTAG.
    Theres many good shooters from CAVE that are NTSC-J
    Almost like the saturn.
    X360 Sucks without the jap only games.
    Also the accessability is enormous with freestyle dash + HDD.
    Also freestyle Live is on its way!
    Even add ons works.

    JTAG consoles will raise in price tag

    Fck the project, Fck them all!

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