To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Pricey Bags
Until today, Mini-Bash hadn't had a haircut in months. And when Mrs. Bashcraft took him to get his haircut earlier today, the kid brought along something to show the stylist: a DVD copy of Star Wars Episode I.
Mini-Bash wanted a haircut like Obi-Wan has in Episode I. You know the cut. (It's right up there, if you don't!) Mini-Bash thinks Obi-Wan is a cool dude and when we told him that he could not get a Darth Maul haircut (kid is on an Episode I kick, for some reason), he settled on a Ben hairdo.
Oddly, Mini-Bash says he has no idea which character Jar Jar. I imagine Mini-Bash blanks out the character whenever Jar Jar appears on screen. That's what I do.
So, DVD in hand, Mini-Bash and mom went to the hair saloon. The hair stylist took a look at the haircut on the box and pretty much cut the kid's hair like that.

However, while getting his haircut, Mrs. Bashcraft later said, Mini-Bash got increasingly glum. Sad, even. And when the stylist showed him the haircut, he slid out of the seat and moped his way home.
What's wrong?
I was waiting the entire time.
For what?
I was waiting for that thing.
That thing?
It seems Mini-Bash thought he would be getting a Padawan braid and was utterly crushed, declaring that without it, he does not look like Obi-Wan.

No, we did not make any remarks about facial hair.
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