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Thread: Sony Is In The Worst Position, But Could Reap Huge Rewards

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    ps3 Sony Is In The Worst Position, But Could Reap Huge Rewards

    from Gamedaily

    As always, we can't determine who will come out on top for some time to come. However, based on what we currently know of all three consoles, Sony is in the worst position, taking the biggest gambles. If Sony's gambles pay off, the company could dominate the gaming industry for the third straight console cycle. Sony is taking some big risks, but is seems as though the outcome will keep all three consoles neck and neck for some time. If Nintendo is able to garner enough mainstream support from non-gamers, it could be enough to turn the tides completely and give the classic company the top spot once again. Whatever the case may be, it's an interesting time to be a gamer (or perhaps a non-gamer) as we head into what could be the greatest console war ever.

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    the way i see it sony is the only company trying to stick with the hardcore gamers like myself, nintendo wants me to dance in front of my tv, the xbox360 was hidden from hardcore gamers in walmart etc and has no great games, and sony is promising everything

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