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Thread: QBX Released

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    NDS QBX Released

    Didou has released a new homebrew game for the Nintendo DS, heres the release info:


    QBX is a thinking game in which the aim is to make lines in a 3D cube 5x5x5-sized. The shape comes from above and can only be translated forward/backward and left/right. The cube, can only rotate around its 3 axes. The shape does not fall automatically. Hence, you have time to place it. Then you chose when you want it to fall. Then, it will go down in one shot.

    How to play

    You have to move the shape and rotate the cube in order to make the shape going inside the cube to make lines. Any line made of 5 little cubes will then disapear.. To move the shapes and rotate the cube, keypad is used(up/down/left) (A/X/Y/B ). This choice can be configurated. The bottom screen additionnaly proposes 5 big buttons (to be able to lay our big thumbs, full of chocolate ) that allow to (from left t right)

    - Drop the shape
    - Zoomer in
    - Reset zoom
    - Zoomer out
    - Drop the shape (this, way, lefties and righties won't have to complain

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    sounds interesting. I'm gonna try it out.

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    I have tried this game out, it's a good start although there is still room for improvement (eg. sound, graphical effects, different types of cubes, etc.) Not that this is a bad thing, many freeware/homebrew games start off like this. I had fun playing qbx and look forward to future versions of this game.

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    great release

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