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Thread: SSF Ver0.07 beta R6

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    Orange_Raven: We don't support piracy, we can't help you. Buy the game in your local shops or some site like eBay.

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    Why have you tried Fusion & Gen32x? they are Genesis/Sega CD & 32X emulators not Saturn ones. As for getting it to run I havent tried that game, havent got in fact so I'm not sure exactly. If you're using XP you may need an aspi layer installed to get your cd drive working with the emulator perhaps, a problem some people have, I used to have it myself. Also check you have the bios in the right place & have set the emulator up to see the bios, easy enough in SSF which is a lot further along than any of the currently released Satourne versions.
    If that doesnt do it then maybe the game isnt supported decently yet but as I say I dont have it so I cant be sure of that.

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    I love this emulator! It runs everything so well. Even my original copies of Thunder Force V and Radiant Silvergun run great. Pretty much full speed for me, although I have a pretty beffy computer. Also my old 1.8 ghz computer runs all the 2d games like Rayman, Astal, Princess Crown, and Cave shooters, great. It is getting faster with every release!

    maybe is too late, but geise69, how do you can make run astal in SFF?

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