Dan Potter has posted some news about updates to KOS, in this CSV Forum Topic [br][br] If anyone here is building from Subversion and hasn't seen it (shame on you for not bothering to get on the list ), the latest KOS in SVN uses Newlib instead of its built in libc and libm. And unfortunately the default Newlib build is insufficient to make it work. So you will need to build a new Newlib that's been patched to work with KOS. [br] [br]Instructions can be found here: [br] [br]http://gamedev.allusion.net/softprj/kos/setup.php [br] [br]This is from the perspective of setting up KOS from scratch but the relevant info is near the top for people who are already set up. It's ugly as sin to set up right now but hopefully this will get streamlined over time. [br] [br]To clarify: if you are using an SVN snapshot before August 2004 or one of the releaes, you *do not* need to do this. You can totally disregard this. If you follow SVN though and don't update this properly, your programs will stop compiling. [br][br]Thanks to the great Mr Potter for the news.