I mentioned in this Forum Topic about i cant wait to see the Basic Project of BlackAuras and luckily for us all, he has posted some news:[br][br] Actually, I've made some progress on that today. I finally had a chance to do some decent work on the graphics system. I've got it to the stage where I can set up the video system on both a PC (using OpenGL) and on a Dreamcast, load textures, and draw them to the screen correctly, which means doing a hell of a lot of work on the PC side, and virtually no work at all on the Dreamcast side. The problem is that the Dreamcast version is virtually useless without the PC version, becuase you can't really develop stuff on the Dreamcast directly. [br] [br]Having to un-twiddle all the textures and then convert them to a format I can use, then depth sort everything before drawing it is bad enough, but I've also had to port fairly large chunks of KOS itself over so I can use them. It made the rest of the job suprisingly easy though. Much of my texture loading code was a simply copy-and-paste from KOS. [br][br]More great projects in the Dreamcast scene