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Thread: Rockstar loses many PR's, Marketers

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    ps3 Rockstar loses many PR's, Marketers

    Rockstar and their parent, Take-Two Interactive, have had a ton of hot coffee poured on their laps lately (pun definately intended) with the FTC investigating the sexy add-on to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, grand jury supoenas, closing of two corporate buildings, plummeting stocks and overall sadness. With all this junk going on, many people from Rockstar games have apparently dashed off in the night and oddly enough according to GameDaily BIZ and their list of people who left, a large majority were people in Public Relations or Marketing. The two are fairly related, the former more consumer oriented and the latter business, so what does this portend?

    Perhaps the end of Rockstar is nigh -- their "on the edge" style of gaming may finally have crossed the border and the employee's know it. At least, those who have to talk to people outside of their walls. It will be harder to garner support for their games with all these issues arising and these PR and Marketing people vacating is practically a guarantee that there is little support left for Rockstar. On a positive spin, perhaps Rockstar is cutting costs and eliminating shoddy employees. Will there be a GTA5? If the world backs off of gaming censorship, indeed.

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    to me GTA ain;t nuthin special...but dead whilst mutilating zombies? yes please!

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