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Thread: Pvf(PspVideoFormat) Encoder/Playback library. (for Devs)

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    psp Pvf(PspVideoFormat) Encoder/Playback library. (for Devs)

    Kojima posted this news thats really for devs only:

    I needed video for my app, and wasn't too keen on porting a complex library from windows, squashing bugs etc so I decided to write my own, so this was born. Pvf. It includes a windows based command line encoder which converts avi to pvf and it includes a psp C++ based(uses classes so no c I don't think) playback library. <Encoder (6.7mb. My god, it's full of dlls! Windows only - Ask for source if you wish to port )

    Instructions: Simply drag and drop your windows avi file over the app and it will produce the pvf equilivent for you, informing you of it's progress. < PvfLib (NOTE:Tested on 1.5firmware only. I cannot be sure it works on older/new revisions) < Psp xxploited demo for 1.5 firmware.

    The playback library generates a _frameRgb pointer for each frame which is in pspGL format. (I.e 3 bytes, rgb, 0-255 each )

    I've tested it within my 3d engine and it playsback perfectly and pretty fast.

    The library uses zlib for both compression and decompression, although you only require it to be installed in your psp environment. the pc side is an exe so not required in cyngwin.

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    ooOOo... cool... im gonna try this.... lol good job

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    we'll be seeing a lot of COOL gameboot.pmf files now... NOT just stuff that was salvaged from UMD drawers

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