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Thread: EReader v1.31 Released

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    psp EReader v1.31 Released

    Another release from our Chinese counterparts, ereader is a text and html and supports a wealth of graphical formats, heres whats new:

    2006-07-10 v1.31
    [!] Fixed crash imported by lyric implementation while changing mp3 tracks
    [!] Lyrics are shown in middle of line now
    [!] Set line-space to 1 for lyric
    [!] Switch from mp3 with lyric to ones without lyric clears lyric display

    2006-07-09 v1.3
    [+] Added lyric reading and display function (lyric file should be put with mp3 files with an alternatived extension name lrc)
    [+] Added lyric options in both file list menu and book reading menu
    [+] Added cut to file manipulates (shortcut: R, paste shortcut is moved to START)
    [+] Added error recovery (reset options that might causing crush when did't quit successfully)
    [+] Added id3v2 tag support for mp3 by importing ZXeno's id3lib(if cannot read id3v1, try id3v2)
    [!] Fixed a tiny image paging bug
    [!] Improved mp3 resampling performance
    [!] Optimized lots of codes, improve stablity

    Download and Give feedback Via Comments

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    sweet release

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    very very very nice ,may replace
    azuraSOMETHING,im my psp.

    i try to change the font size and
    the letters turn into some oranamental
    looking something so i cant use
    it ,but damn nice work .

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