Sony Online Entertainment reveals the latest addition to the cast of DC Universe Online, Zatanna Zatara, stage magician turned super heroine and the second-to-last entry in the Justice League's phone directory (curse you, Zauriel).
Zatanna is one of those characters that I feel defines the DC Universe. DC is not afraid to have a member of the greatest superhero team in the universe running around wearing fishnets, a girl-tuxedo, thigh-high boots and a top hat. You have to respect them for that. In the Marvel universe she would have changed costumes 500 times by now, ultimately discovering that she was a mutant. It's probably worth noting that Marvel's actual female mutant magic-user, The Scarlett Witch, also has a pretty ridiculous costume. It's a magic thing.
Zatanna may be obscure to some, but she's appeared in some pretty high-profile places over the years. She's slept with John Constantine, nearly had a romantic relationship with Batman, and appeared in the flesh on the WB's Smallville. She also appeared in an episode of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, where she was voiced by Jennifer Hale, also known as the female Shepard in Mass Effect 1 and 2.
If I had more time I'd connect her to Kevin Bacon, but I don't, so here's some concept art.

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