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Ski-lleR released a new homebrew beta dashboard for the Xbox360:
To help with the future development of a complete replacement solution for the Microsoft dashboard, I'm working on a homebrew intended to be a rather interesting base.

* Interface with tab system for navigate trough main function
* Listing of downloaded content (WIP...)
* FTP server
* Image viewer
* Text viewer
* Listing of extracted game :
1. Show icon of the game (manually extract with Y -> "Extraire l'icone")
2. Show preview of the game (manually extract with Y -> "Extraire preview")
3. Extract full HD picture of the game directly in Wallpaper folder (Y -> "Extraire l'image HD")
* File browser :
1. Dual browse view
2. Move/Copy/Delete/Create (Multi-selection like unleashX on the work eg. you press X, that select the current, and go to next entry)
3. File property (WIP...)
4. Extract of DVD with Y (WIP...)
5. Archives handling (tar, tar.gz, zip in extract/compress, rar in extract, WIP...)
6. Contextual menu handle all of this functionnality. You can also define a folder as a game folder by selecting "Definir comme dossier scanner" in browser.
* Option system :
1. Option are automatically registered in a .ini file
2. You can modify the skin, who have to be in subfolder of skin directory
3. You can modify wallpaper. Picture must be in Wallpaper directoryr
4. A scan list for extracted game (from here, you remove the folder, and from browser, you add a folder, simple!)
5. You can activate a background music
6. You can choose to show or hide log

Source will be released soon, for now, you can find a compiled beta floating around (thanks to iriez).

Install Notes:
Copy "IngeniouX" folder in the root of a device (hdd, usb ...)
Copy "C0DE9998" folder in hdd:\Content\000000000000000000 (remove IngeniouXusb or IngeniouXhdd, depend on where you put IngeniouX folder)
Launch, and enjoy