June 1944. Allied forces had successfully breached Hitler's Atlantic Wall and gained a foothold in northern France in the first steps to liberate western Europe. But the impressive feat of planning, arms and sheer bravery was shortly to be followed by some of the bloodiest fighting that would be witnessed by French soil during World War II. From mid July to late August, Allied troops pressed forward in an effort to free Paris from the clutches of the German Army, and the conflict, labelled Normandy Breakout, was nothing short of brutal. It's this ferocious confrontation that developer Treyarch has chosen to focus on for Call of Duty 3.

An in-depth preview of Call of Duty 3 will be gracing these pages shortly, but we couldn't resist posting some new info, a couple of new screenshots and footage from the sequel to whet your appetite.

The media reveals CoD 3's opening level, which concentrates on the Allied assault on the French town of St. Lo. Originally an objective on D-Day plus one, the town finally fell into Allied hands some 40 days after the beach landings. It had been reduced to rubble by heavy Allied bombardment which it was assumed would make the town easier to capture. However, when the Allied tanks and troops rolled in, it materialised that the shelling had in fact had the opposite effect to that desired.

To date, we've only witnessed the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 3 in operation, but speaking to Activision we were informed that the PS3 version of the FPS will be virtually identical, while the Wii iteration will, obviously, be a little more unique. When asked whether the game will make use of the tilt functionality in the PS3 controller in any capacity, the publisher cryptically answered "We'll see". However, it was a little more forthcoming on the Wii version, saying that the console's motion-sensing tech will be employed, although we should expect CoD 3 on Wii to look slightly different to the Xbox 360 and PS3 outings. More details on Call of Duty 3 on Wii should be released in around a month's time.

With Call of Duty 3 pencilled in for a late 2006 release, it should appear around, if not on, Wii and PS3 launch days. In fact, gossip is nailing the sequel down as a PS3 launch title, but we've received no confirmation on this from Activision as yet.

Anyway, enjoy the media and keep those eyes peeled for the preview - and further footage and screenshots - hitting these pages soon.

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