Namco Bandai's American arm has confirmed that a version of recently revealed handheld puzzle game Gunpey is getting a release on Western shores - well, in the land over ye olde pond anyway - lining up for an end-of-year debut. Accompanying this news are first screenshots from the title, which we've uploaded here for you to pass mince pies over.

Originally the concept of legendary developer and Game Boy creator Gunpei Yokoi, Gunpey's been re-imagined for PSP and Nintendo DS by Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Q Entertainment studio. In a nutshell, players have to flip lines located in squares as they - the lines, not the players - climb their way up the screen, with the objective of connecting the lines from left to right to make them disappear. It'll all be accompanied by music and funky backgrounds, with two-player multiplayer being stuffed in to boot.

Screenshots HERE