As part of its most recent retail product fair over in Japan, Nintendo has announced a bunch of new DS-related bits and pieces - the most interesting of which is a mic/headphone set for the handheld, scheduled for release on September 14 for around 1,200 Yen (or 5.67 GBP if you prefer).

It seems the device is designed for games supporting VoIP, such as Metroid Prime: Hunters and the forthcoming Pokemon DS titles Diamond and Pearl. If you'll excuse us as we zip off on a speclative tangent for a moment, we'd also wager this means we can expect a similar Xbox Live chat-style service for Wii when it hits later this year too, which has got us jiggly with all sorts of low-level thrills.

Also announced at the retail event were the arrival of the DS Lite Jet Black for Japan (which, of course, we've already got in Europe - thanks Nintendo!), set to arrive on September 2. The DS Lite Jet Black will also be bundled with Winning Eleven DS on September 21.

Speaking of bundles, there's a rather swish and sexy white limited edition Final Fantasy III DS bundle, including the game and pimped-up handheld, which will hit stores on August 24.

No word whether we'll get the Final Fantasy III DS (probably not, we'd guess) or mic/headphone set (more likely) over here yet, but we'll let you know just as soon as we hear anything. Of course, import fans should keep their eyes glued to our friends over at, if any of that little lot has got your fingers itching.