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Thread: final fantasy iii DS lite special edition pack

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    NDS final fantasy iii DS lite special edition pack

    News from Insert Credit

    Nintendo and Square-Enix have done it again!! Or, well, someone's done something. The something in question this time is this Limited Edition Crystal White Nintendo DS Lite engraved with Final Fantasy III characters. The units will be serial numbered, ensuring maximum online auction prices, street violence, and toothy grins at used game shops!! The engraving is based on original drawings by artist Akihiko Yoshida!!

    The picture almost makes it look silver. Unfortunately, no, it is not silver. That'd be fingerprint hell, anyway.

    An interesting tidbit from the Famitsu story: "Though it has been confirmed the units will be individually numbered, Nintendo has yet to confirm quantities." Watch there be like fifty-two of them! I'm serious!

    The game is also, incidentally, currently the number-eight top selling game on It was number one for a while. Japan is quite seriously looking forward to paying 5,980 yen on the game, a whole thousand-some more than the typical DS game. Squeenix, as has been observed many times over, just don't like releasing software for normal prices. They like to be able to count their customers' devotion in cash.

    Final Fantasy III, for the unitiated, is the Final Fantasy game people who dislike Final Fantasy games are most likely to say is their favorite Final Fantasy game. It's also number two on's hot list of "top eleven games to say you've played when really you haven't." Come the time of the North American release, you might find yourself backed into a corner by some friend who says, "Hey, that Final Fantasy III is coming out on DS today! You like it, right? You're buying it, right? Wanna go buy it together, celebrate the completion of the Final Fantasy series' releases in official English translations together?" If this happens, here is some basic advice for the after party:

    1. It pioneered the job class system, making it more original than Final Fantasy V.
    2. The story is better than Final Fantasy VI because it allows me to use my imagination.
    yes, i am messing with YOU
    That should take care of you.

    The special edition DS Lite will launch on August 24th, 2006, the same day as the game. It will cost 22,780 yen. Keep in mind that a normal DS Lite sells (if you can find one) for 16,980 yen. So yeah, the price of the limited edition console equals exactly the price of the game plus the price of the console. Of course, one could include the "engraving" as part of the package. Though for the sake of argument, let's just put it this way: in Japan, the cost of a six-pack of beer is precisely the price of a single can times six.

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    Oh that's hot.

    God damn Japan gettin' everything...

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    omg.. I can't wait

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