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Thread: Mini Tone Matrix [Tunes!]

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    NDS Mini Tone Matrix [Tunes!]

    News/release from Smileynator

    This is my 1 day project, A mini tone matrix. (google it, there awesome, the real ones that is!)
    It's a small 8x8 grid of buttons.
    Tap a button to activate it. Press the arrows to tell the NDS how many times to play the tune.
    Then just hit play, and hear what you made with the button combination

    There is just 1 problem with this game, The NDS can only process 8 RAW files at 1 time.
    Therefor. if you fill 1 line from top to bottom, the next column, will simply skip, until those sounds are done.
    Though this sounds like crap, it's no worry, since if you play all sounds at once.. your just hear a very loud note, and it sounds like $#@! anyway. so just don't do that, make rhythms and loop them, it's a fun little app!


    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    i cant download it...

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