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Thread: MapThis Wifi problem....

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    Default MapThis Wifi problem....

    I'm using the latest version of MapThis v0.52 i think, can't remember, i only just got it today so i'm new to using this app.

    I enabled the Wifi toggle to 1 in the settings, by default it's 0 which means it's off, so i turned it to on by making the value equal to 1, and i can't figure out how to download maps on it. I did see an extra option show up in the maps menu after i toggled the wifi to on, it says wifi upload or something. I click it and turned my wifi swtich on, and it fails to connect, i've done it so many times and it just doesn't work. It doesn't even pop up any options for me to setup or enter my WIFI WPA passkey.

    Also, i'm really bad in programming and understanding all of this so i have no idea how to use Cygwin. I did read the topics in the sub sections of this forum about using another tool to download maps, but i can't get it to work.

    I'm surprised there isn't a noob or simple instruction guide on how to use them properly, most topics just contains information about the tool, like what it does, and that's it......


    nvm i think i got it working, but i still need some help. First off i forgot to mention that i'm using 5.50 GEN-D (full).

    And i forgot to setup my Network Connections settings, it somehow got deleted.

    So i tried using the option "WIFI Map upload" in MapThis! and this time it detects my connection and begins to download, i think. It now shows:

    Loading 143 Out of 340, and the number keeps going up. I assume this is downloading the maps??

    Well if that is the case, then that's great, but i need some help with how to set the country or area that i want the maps to be downloaded coz right now i have no idea what this map is downloading at the moment, and i need help understanding what the size and each setting in the Wifi Map Upload option does so i can download the maps properly without using too much of my memory.......

    edit 2:

    ok it seems that loading part is really downloading the maps because when it reached 340 out of 340, it says map download complete, but when i try to load the new map i downloaded, my PSP just crashes....
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