themouton has updated the rather excellent Super Tomato Numbers game for the PSP

Heres the translated info:

I launch out, I present a small play to you on PSP. The name is null, it is Super Tomato Numbers.

The goal of the play is to leave tomato all these infames malicious numbers while passing by all the boxes. Can be that one day there will be the princess tomato to save!! Each box with a number, it indicates the number of times where it is necessary to pass above (clearly?).
It is necessary to arrive on the last one puts, the white checkerwork, to finish the level.
For the moment there is that 5 types of boxes.

27/06/2006: New version. Correction of 3 bugs:
planting of the play during a part in progress, it was a problem of release of memory. (Edict: finally I always have planting )
at the beginning of a part the tomato always moves while looking at downwards
the stopwatches was too fast.

Nice to see the french PSP scene with some releases

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