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Thread: Wario Mastermind v1.0

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    psp Wario Mastermind v1.0

    Another release from the French PSP Scene and another from N64Francois, heres the translated info:

    I present my first project to you on PSP: Wario Mastermind.
    I wanted to make very very simple to start: Mastermind (and yes, still one…)
    It is the little brother of Luigi Mastermind over GBA, but this time at the colors of Wario.
    The rules of the game are explained low.
    I benefit from it to thank Brunni for his Lib and YodaJr for his Tutos without which I would never have succeeded in coding anything on PSP

    :: Final version of Wario Mastermind PSP: Wario Mastermind v1.0
    :: Here changes:
    - Optimized Code and correction of some bugs
    - Addition of a time meter (limit of 3 min by part)
    - Addition of music/sounds (with possibility of stopping the basic music)

    How to play:

    :: The goal of the play is to decipher a secret code made up of 4 symbols (parmis 6 on the whole), by proposing combinations and by using the indices answered by the console.
    The secret code cannot be composed of doubled blooms.
    The indices returned by the console after each proposal for a combination are:
    - Black Pawn: if a symbol is well placed
    - White Pawn: if a symbol is badly placed
    To in no case the position of the symbols is not revealed!

    :: Keys:
    - Right Left/: To move the cursor
    - Cross: To pass the screens, To select a ball
    - Round: To erase the line in progress
    - Triangle: To play/Put in pause the music
    - Start: To leave

    Download and Give feedback Via Comments

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    French Homebrew scene seems to be getting bigger everyday..

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    Great to see homebrew this polished being put out, it's not extremely difficult to program something and just throw it together, but that extra level of attention to detail is what really makes it shine.

    This is another game I'll have to try out, just because it looks so good, simple and fun!

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