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Thread: PSPWeekly Issue 13.5 Released!

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    psp PSPWeekly Issue 13.5 Released!

    After a very very long delay, PSPWeekly Issue 13.5 has been released! This issue will be the last by myself, and is being taken over by our great PSPZones forum moderator Vesra.

    Among many features including a brand new look and template, this issue contains:
    • News
    • Previews
    • Cheats
    • Updates
    • Fanjita's Corner
    • and more!
    PSPWeekly Issue 13.5 : Download

    Enjoy and please send your questions for Fanjita's Corner to I will still be communicating with Fanjita for this purpose only.

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    hmmm ill give this a look see later i abou to fall asleep and 1st ever 1st post yesssssssss

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    Its about time! I was about to think that was it for thier mags.

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    Motz rocked, i look forward to carrying on PSPweekly. Motz is leaving some big shoes for me to fill. if you haven't guessed by now, i am Vesra.

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