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Sony believes that the best is yet to come from PS3 - and that it will only really 'push the boundaries' of what is possible from the machine in years to come.

The format holder has repeatedly said it has a ten-year plan mapped out for the platform.

SCE Worldwide Studios Europe VP Michael Denny said today that he believes PS3's hardware will eventually be pushed by a game in the same way that God Of War II pushed PS2 to the max.

"It is our challenge to continue to improve our games by pushing the boundaries of what is possible," he told MCV Magazine.

"The longer the lifecycle, the more opportunities we have to do that. On PS2, eight years into its lifecycle, we launched God Of War II, arguably the best-looking game on the platform.

"That progress is only possible with time. That's what makes PS3 so exciting. We are only three years into its lifecycle."
What do you reckon they've got in store for us, readers? We'd like to fly at some point. Or at least hover.