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Thread: ds2arduino (connect NDSL with ARDUINO)

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    NDS ds2arduino (connect NDSL with ARDUINO)

    News via hounjini
    this is my instructable see to more information.

    What you can do with it :
    transmit data between arduino and ndsl.
    so, you can use your ndsl to arduino's wireless lan or arduino to your ndsl's digital IO port!

    What you need:
    Hardware :
    NDSL GBA cart cover
    nintendo Y driver (eventhough you don`t have, no problem!)
    some wires (3 wires, enough! 4 wires GREAT)
    cutter knife,
    soldering iron,

    libnds (for nintendo development)

    How it works:
    NDSL has GBA bus. It has /WR pin and External interrupt pin.
    If you access gba bus, /WR will toggled, so I can use /WR to send data.
    However, it lasts just 350us. It mean you cannot use this pin to digital I/O pin directly.
    So I mimic NEC REMOTE CONTROLLER protocol(TV, VIDEO etc...)
    External interrupt pin is used to receive data, /WR pin is used to send data.
    ARDUINO works exactly same way.

    these are my youtube video

    this is my source code(library + example)

    I tested it only with my NDSL and ARDUINO, so it could have some errors.
    If you have any question or find problem, send me mail
    hounjini at

    Thank you for reading.

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    Wow, this sounds really nice! I'll test it as soon as I get my Arduino! Nice work

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