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thatotherdev offers version 1.0 of its game platforms "Time Frack 2D"Also available on PC and GP2X.

I know it took a lot longer then it should have for such a small update but here it is. I added characters and enemy and you and them can both be pushed around and they disappear if you shoot them. The Wii version and now the PC version also scale up both visually The Game nearest neighbor style the same way that Revolt of the Binary Couriers did well the GP2X version still uses the original 320 240 image untouched since that is what the screen resolution systems is anyways. Aside from that its the same.

Controls for PC and GP2X are the same as before and for you hold the Wii controller sideways (NES style) and use the d-pad to move side to side, the 2 button to jump, the one button to shoot and the plus and minus buttons to speed up and slow down time.

I'm not sure when I'm going to work on this again. It is something that I really want to make but I think I'm going to focus on They Do Not Die for now. I know I'ma horrible person and I never end up working on the $#@! that I say I'm going to do and I should finish this game and blah blah blah but hey that also means that I might end up switching back to working on this sooner then I plan to Which is kinda a good thing right?

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