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Big brother our irreducible encoder for the GameCube we propose a new demo, "VTE". This is the demo of a scrolling 2D with textures that turn perfectly on console but not on emulator.

Hi all

That's it, I finished my program and it runs perfectly on the GC. Small reminder program:
It is a scrolling 2D Works on thanks to textures. I had one who presented
geometries used, so a 3D scrolling, but this time I wanted to show use
multi texturing through a scrolling.
What is the program:
It displays 6 geometries (here 6 rectangles) who each buy 5 textures simultaneously.
The GC can go up to 8 max textures displayed simultaneously. The display several textures together
with the same geometry is multi texturing (multi texturing).
The background textures are DOMCAZ (hence 6 geometries) and message scrolling.
To be precise, 1 texture is used for the background and the other 4 for scrolling (scroll).
There are also 6 light sources in translation movement right / left.
So I do not understand is why this program is not running with the emulator DOLPHIN!
Also, it can turn that console. And I could not make an executable for PC emulator for the Nintendo
does not support more than 3 textures!

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