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Thread: Slider PSP Released

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    psp Slider PSP Released

    I missed this earlier in the week but better late than never

    Meo has released a new game called Slider PSP, heres the details:

    I have finished coding my first official game for PSP. Entitled Slider PSP, this is a puzzle game where you have to slide square panels into the correct order.

    You will need LUA Player to use this application. To install, extract to the Applications folder of LUA Player. A folder will automatically be created.

    To make your own number images for Slider PSP, please use the included executable to generate them. The source code for this program is also included. Any comments and suggestions are welcome

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
    via meo

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    its a good concept, but its not very fun on a PSP. It just takes too long and if you get stuck its frustrating.

    nonetheless, thanks for posting this wraggster, it kept me busy for a few minutes

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