Phil Harrison, big boss of Sony Computer Entertainment, sat down for a short session with Joystiq's Conrad Quilty-Harper and cleared up a couple of the more embarassing quotes from other members of Sony. About Sony's arrogance, he said: "There's always going to be a risk when you are market leader for ten years that we start to lose perspective; and we have to make sure that we don't lose perspective." He then reassures Conrad Sony is not being arrogant, but are always in the spotlight and any quotes will be dissected into whatever spin is being sought.

About the statement "Microsoft is copying Sony"? Phil claims the quote was taken out of context, which is kind of hard to do when it was practically verbatim. Even so, as being the leader in the industry for about ten years, not only is it easier to get more hate than praise (if you think bashing President Bush is bad now, imagine how it would spiral out of control in four more years!), but it's also easier for the leader to get an inflated ego. As such, less people may support the PS3, but saying Sony's arrogant? Taken out of context, indeed. Really, this interview with Phil Harrison did not seem to clear much up at all except the people at Sony really believe in what they say. But should we?