Xbox 360 owners' wait for Dead Rising 2 just got a bit more tolerable, with the announcement of an exclusive playable prologue, Dead Rising: Case Zero, launching on Xbox Live prior to the game's release on August 31st.
Crecente is embedded at Microsoft's X10 event in San Francisco, where he sends word of a special treat for Xbox 360 fans of Capcom's Dead Rising. Dead Rising 2 may not be the console exclusive the first game was, but it will indeed have content exclusive to the platform that launched the series.
Dead Rising: Case Zero is a playable prologue mission that will be available before Dead Rising 2 hits store shelves on August 31st in North America, September 2nd in Japan, and September 3rd in Europe. The prologue bridges the gap between Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2, and should give players interesting insight as to how we got from here to there.

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