Newly released today:

Beautiful, smooth 3D graphics — While still maintaining the classic look and feel of the Shiren series, this is the best the series has ever looked, with clean, colorful 3D graphics and smooth character and monster animations
Hardcore, complex, satisfying RPG gameplay — You’ll have trouble putting the controller down; the temptation to clear just one more level of a dungeon can be overwhelming, thanks to the deep, rewarding RPG gameplay, character development, item acquisition, and boss fights!
True rogue-like challenge, accessible interface and controls — Polished, easy to pick-up-and-play, and in many ways as simple as it is complex, Shiren the Wanderer takes the classic rogue-like formula and offers it to gamers in an intuitive, enjoyable overall package!

The grandfather of the rogue-like RPG, the legendary Shiren series (also known as Mystery Dungeon) is all about tough-as-nails battles, thrilling exploration, finding tons of items, growing in strength, and most important of all: staying alive! With beautiful, colorful 3D graphics, multiple control options, numerous lengthy dungeons, thrilling boss battles, and classic roguelike gameplay, Shiren the Wanderer delivers the ultimate hardcore RPG experience to Wii!