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EZ4 version of ETool 3.13 (b) – update – now uses a 64K .sav file and a hand patched header to make it write it out so those games that are of 2mbit in size and can be compressed with the DS app to under 64K are accessible. Should have thought of this fix a lot sooner and am quite sorry I didn’t.

DSBook - For those of you already bugging me to port the ASCII version of DSBook to use UTF-8 or Chinese fonts… patience is advised. Part of the new font I created includes a text based font layout builder and in due time (I have to work on some memory issues) it will be able to show anything that can be represented by single byte hex (plausibly even half glyphs). For now, get the full release of DSBook (the subpixel one) and RTFM. I’ll be happy to answer questions pertaining to DSBook-ASCII, and requests with the ASCII limitation in mind will be considered – just don’t title your emails DSBook and expect me to know through telepathic means that you are actually looking at the ASCII version :-P

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