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Thread: Metareview - Legend of Heroes II.

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    psp Metareview - Legend of Heroes II.

    News from PSP Fanboy

    I gotta admit something to you all - Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion is one of my favorite PSP games. I don't know if it's the quirky storyline, cheesy translation or those cute, lovable characters, but all I know is I dig playing it. And I'm equally excited to play Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch, which actually came out before A Tear of Vermillion in Japan. And ya know what? It recently shipped in the States, but does this sequel/prequel improve upon its Legends of Heroes?

    Portable Review (72/100) appreciates the game's graphics: "The overworld graphics involve 2D characters inhabiting 3D worlds, for a unique, yet classic look. At the same time, numerous FMV sequences add a new layer of imagery to the game's atmosphere."

    IGN (61/100) thinks gamers will feel unrewarded with putting too much time in the game: "Ever get the sense that you've sunk a number of hours into something without necessarily getting a result from it? That's kind of what Legend of Heroes II is like. The game's plot feels extremely generic and bland regardless of how much time you put into it, and while there are a number of interesting features with the battle system and the inclusion of the pets, these are somewhat flawed with some over balancing issues."

    Gamespy (50/100) is bored to sleep by most of the game, but notes "About the only potentially fresh-seeming feature is the pet system, which gives you a cute little furball to tag along on your world-changing adventures."

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    ooh pets! they have been playing too much nethack methinks.

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    I blazed through both of 'em and I can say that Tear of Vermillion is surely the best between the two.
    The story, the characters everything is incredible.
    Prophecy of the moonlight witch also is a good game but when I finished it I didn't think "wow this game was awesome".
    The story is kind of uninteresting and the characters just aren't enough to keep you playing.

    I would say Tear of Vermillion is a 8.5/10 and Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch is a 7/10.

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    i might give this a look see lol

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