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imacnds We offer a first public version of his game platforms "Hector Castor"(Peter the Beaver) he has done with 3 other developers. The game is made in 3D but it moves on a 2D plane, some bugs are present but the game authors have corrected quickly.

We have four has done a little game (three weeks of development time).
This is a "mario-like" in 2.5 D (ie that a large part of the game is in 3D, but the action takes place on a 2D plane). It is playable with the stylus, and as usual mario. Unfortunately, we had a great handling pen, and it is a little less fluid since then we have to address that.
Everything is done with the libnds, efs and Maxmod.
We also achieved a level editor in flash and php we have quickly put online for anyone to get his level.
The major difficulties were in textures and 3D. To animate a character for example, we had to create our own file format (the md2 hurt the DS Azn).

This is our first post and first DS game, so be lenient Azn.
We are aware of three bugs that we have quickly corrected:
- A freeze in entering into a wall, sometimes
- Me on advancing his own times
- The personal can not skip some
Globally too, we have better graphics (but the DS is pretty damn demanding!)
It also lacks animations, sounds, a whole set of things that make the game is still developing. We intend to improve with all the time we have, and as quickly as possible.
This, we hope that you enjoy and we welcome your opinions and advice with impatience!,

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