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Updating rev110 in the file explorer on the Wii made by dimok and r-win.
Forwarder v3 always available

You can delete, rename, copy / paste / cut and see the properties of files on your SD or SDHC card.

- Changes in graphical bar spot FTP.
- No changelog, but many files updated
- Updated language file
- Code tidying and fixes
- Removed all compile warnings
- Improved memory usage of libtiff
- Improved memory usage and copying of files loading up
- Made a little speed up due to that for copying
- Added forgotten loop mode for background music
- Added the AutoConnect setting back to the Settings Because for connecting LAN seems to cause a crash (You need to turn it on you first start)
- Added missing translations in some places
- Proper use of ogglib (vorbisidec) no more tremor (thx to Tantric)

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