Barbarians are traditionally known for their lack of practical armor, but Diablo III's newly-revealed Barbarian female has managed to protect herself pretty well, while still showing off her amazing toned physique.
It looks as if Blizzard is slowly rolling out the opposite sex choices for Diablo III, beginning with last week's reveal of the female Monk. Now we get our first look at the female Barbarian, an imposing figure of a female if I've ever seen one. It's refreshing to see a well-muscled barbarian female, as opposed to the Playboy model in a loincloth version we're used to getting in our fantasy fiction.
Here is her in-game model, seen in motion on the Barbarian class page:

And here's a full-body picture of the concept art:

Now that we've seen the Monk and the Barbarian, we anxiously await the reveal of the female Witch Doctor and the male Wizard. So far the male Witch Doctor is the most scantily clad character in the roster. I bet the male Wizard is only wearing a star-speckled Speedo.

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