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Thread: Review: 2.4Ghz Wireless Nunchuk Controller

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    Rev Review: 2.4Ghz Wireless Nunchuk Controller

    2.4Ghz Wireless Nunchuk Controller
    Manufacturer: N/A
    Site: Buy from BudgetGadgets
    Price: $17.78; add $1.35 if you want packaging (use coupon code TM5OFF8 and get 5% off site wide)

    Overview : This product is a 2.4G wireless controller for Wii Nunchuck with high frequency and coordinates with Wii Remotes (Remote Control) to use on Wii console, which makes it more convenient and fast when operating. It is designed with built-in rechargeable lithium ion batteries, and can save trouble of replacing batteries. It is compatible with Motion Plus.

    • Size: 82g or 2.89oz
    • Cable Length: 1020mm or 40.16in
    • Bluetooth Controller Work Voltage: DC 3.3v
    • Effective Distance: 5m
    • Frequency: 2.4G

    Quality/Usability : Having to use the wired Nunchuk controller can get a bit annoying when you're playing a game that requires swinging and moving of both arms. Either the Nunchuk wire gets in the way and you get tangled up or you get slapped with it. Nintendo should of made the Nunchuk wireless but where they fail, other 3rd party manfacturers will pick up the slack. The 2.4Ghz Wireless Nunchuk Controller was from BudgetGadgets and came with no packaging. It comes with Nunchuk, receiver, wrist strap, USB cable and manual. You may or may not receive packaging with any item you purchase from them. Even if you wanted packaging, you would have to pay an additional cost. I'll get into this more in the Conclusion at the bottom.

    Shape and size is identical to that of the Nintendo Nunchuk...minus the wire. The blue backing of the Nunchuk has a rubber texture to allow better grip. On the bottom left side of the wireless Nunchuk is a switch. This lets you turn it ON and turn OFF for when you're using it and to save battery when you're not. The very bottom is a little port to insert the USB plug for when you need to charge it. The bottom front is a small LED indicator to let you know when its pairing (blinking) and when its paired (steady blue).

    The receiver has a small LED indicator at the bottom of the Nunchuk. When the Nunchuk is plugged in and charging, the LED is red. When the Nunchuk is done charging, the LED will turn off. After about 2 hours or so of charging, the controller is ready to be put to use. A blue LED is lit to let you know when its pairing and when its paired with the Nunchuk. The receiver connects to the bottom of the Wii Remote Controller. If you have a Wii Motion Plus adapter, the receiver would connect to the bottom of the Wii Motion Plus. The size of the receiver is fairly long, so it will get in the way if you bend your wrist. To remove the receiver, simply pull it out. There is no clips holding it in place like the plug on the wired Nunchuk controller but the receiver is held in place securely. I was able to get a good 12-14 hours of gameplay before the Nunchuk needed to be recharged. However since the receiver is running off the Wii Remote, it drains the battery even quicker. So if you're still using regular alkaline battery, I suggest getting rechargeable battery packs.

    Conclusion : Overall, the 2.4Ghz Wireless Nunchuk Controller is what the Nunchuk should of been from the start. The reception was great (than again, your arms arent going to be that far apart) and the accuracy is very good. Since it draws power from the Wii Remote, expect the battery life of the Wii Remote to be shorter. I was able to get a good amount of play time before the Nunchuk had to be recharged. It would have been nice if there was also an indicator stating when the battery is running low.

    For the price of $18 (no packaging) or $20 (with packaging), its a bit pricey. For the same amount, you can get a Nyko Kama which has a small length receiver and longer battery life but uses (2) AAA batteries.

    Now, back to BudgetGadgets packaging issue. Under their FAQ, this is what is stated about packaging:

    For some of the products we offer the 'Package' option. By default, the package is not selected so that we can save shipping cost thus we can offer lower price to our dear customers like you. If you choose the 'No Package' option, we will NOT ship the package to you.

    And, to avoid potential quality issue, we always test each item when we get them from suppliers, and then we test them again before we ship them, thus sometimes we need to open the packages. And some items come without the package when we get them from supplier, so sometimes you will also get the item without the package, but all items we sell are in BRAND NEW condition, please don't worry about that.

    For those items that gives you the 'Package' option, I dont know if its worth it or not to pay extra when it should be included. Than again, its going to get thrown away when you receive it and bust open the package but I would like the satisfaction that it was from a sealed package and I'm the one that opened it. I can see how BudgetGadgets is offering free shipping by cutting back on including packaging. However, other online stores include the packaging and also offer free shipping.

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