Sony Ericsson handsets are the latest hardware to support Sony's growing digital service, the PlayStation Network.

The company has already said that product ranges including Bravia TVs, Vaio laptops and Blu-ray players will feature the service in the future, allowing the company to unify hardware with a single online delivery solution.

"Leveraging PSN we are building a new network service that will connect many more network-enabled products," said CEO Howard Stringer, speaking at the Mobile Word Congress. "To satisfy the demand for more open systems and broaden the array of network devices connecting to our network we are committed to extending that service to Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

"As part of these initiative we are also exploring consistent user interfaces across Sony and Sony Ericsson products to ensure a seamless and integrated experience for the consumer," he added.

Sony Network Entertainment is currently tasked with unifying hardware with PSN, with the group headed up by former Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai.

Sony Ericsson's Aino handset is already PlayStation 3 compatible, allowing users to access content on their hard drive and features such as PlayTV.

"At Sony our strategy of paring network services with hardware and software is the foundation on which we will deliver those applications and more," offered Stringer. "We're already utilising the rapidly growing PlayStation Network, now with over 40 million registered accounts, to reach new digitally savvy customers around the world.

"PSN is a not-so-secret weapon – last November the PSN video delivery service launched in four new countries – the UK, France Germany and Spain. In its first five days alone, despite the struggling European economy, revenue from those four countries was 40 per cent of the worldwide revenues for PSN's video delivery service – a testament to how critical the European market will continue to be."