SpaceBubble v0.94 released by wplaat :

SpaceBubble is a classic board puzzle game based bubble breaker. Select multiple bubbles with the same color and destroy them, the more you hit in one the higher score you will get. Created by wplaat (

The following changes were made:

17-02-2010 Version 0.94
- Improve game settings screen.
- Added donate screen.
- Update main menu screen information.
- Improve bubble graphics.
- Extend user name from 3 to 6 characters.
- Default user name is based on Wii nickname.
- Increase http buffer size from 8kb to 10kb.
- Added source code to Google Code Repository
- Added source code documentation (Javadoc style).
- Added Doxygen (automatic documentation generation tool) config file.
- Build game with devkitPPC r19 compiler.

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