Well, this doesn't seem quite right. Apparently, retail copies of SOCOM US Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo 3 come with a code that's needed to unlock online play. Bought it used? A new code will be $20, please.
It's no secret that publishers absolutely loathe the used games market, as it takes money out of their pockets. The problem? It's perfectly legal to buy and sell used games. So now we're seeing more and more publishers do shady stuff like include one-time-use codes in retail packaging that leaves used game buyers without the full experience. This is the most extreme case of this practice yet.
It's all perfectly legal, I'm sure, but it's shady as hell and a pretty $#@! move. But hey, It's OK! Sony has public good will to spare! [IGN via Consumerist]

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