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Thread: Left 4 Dead - WIP

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    NDS Left 4 Dead - WIP

    News via

    While we are still waiting impatiently for a playable version of Patapon DS, E-Eragon we met again the mouth water with the announcement of an adaptation of Left 4 Dead being developed for the DS, "Left 4 Dead".

    Hello there,
    so, I hope you've enabled cookies: p
    but no, to the point now:
    Finally an update, but wait not a regular update!
    It's not a release or something, it's an announcement!
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Left 4 Dead
    A 2D-shooter TopView-that's, obviously, based on The Game Left 4 Dead.
    It's made with a fresh, new engine Which can be used for many other shooters: "U2-engine"
    it infected all special features of the first game, weapons, events, ...
    It's currently in alpha version 0.78, I've to polish the AI of the enemies and implements FAT-map reading.
    I've included 2 screenshots: One of the initial screen with the logo I've made myself and the second one is a screeno of the map called "Training Map", it's used to test the AI zombies, weapons, ... , a bit like garry's mod.
    Patapon DS've expected, but no, Patapon DS will be released AFTER L4DS, and technically, L4DS was started just 2 months before Patapon DS, so to lighten the confusion ...
    Now you know what I did last night: p, and the last 4 months: I was developping another game!
    I know, this information sounds ridiculous after so much noise about Patapon DS, but HEY!
    I will release a trailer Saturday 20 February 20:00 GMT +1 on youtube.
    And a real, real real release will be released when all the special infected will work perfectly, PERFECTLY I said, yes, that will be another 2 weeks of waiting, but after watching the trailer, you'll change your mind!


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    Nice to hear it will be an "engine" release and not just a playable build. Hopefully we'll see many other top-down shooters using it, if it's user-friendly enough (e.g. = uses comprehendible text-based 'scripts', instead of needing source code recompiled).

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