Electronic Arts is bragging that its Battlefield: Bad Company 2 demo on PS3 and Xbox 360 has been downloaded more than 3.5 million times since its release last month. Yes, demo bragging is officially a trend now.
Particularly as this is the second time EA has chosen to crow about its BFBC2 demo. Nine days ago it said the demo had been downloaded 2 million times. That was on the heels of EA claiming another 3 million downloads of the demo for Dante's Inferno, which I can't even type without hearing Bill Withers.
Over the life of the console demo, Battlefield Bad Company 2 has already seen 500 million kills to just 25 million revives. That's a lot of teammates not givin' a damn. There also have been 100 million vehicle kills, to just 30 million destroyed vehicles.

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