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The first trilogy for Sony's portable wonder, Anime Beat'em Up Bleach Heat the Soul started off with a rather small character cast. The second incarnation already sported an extended pool of fighters to choose from. Now, with Bleach Heat the Soul 3 upon us, we look at an extremely crowded character selection screen of 33 (seriously!), featuring all your favorite sword adepts from the show, including eleven returning from Heat the Soul 2. Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime, Yasutora, Kisuke, Yoruichi, Shigekuni, Soifon, Gin, Kira, Hinamori, Byakuya, Renji, Sajin, Shunsui to name but a few plus Bankai versions including for example Ichigo, Renji, Toushiro, Byakuya and other Shinigami and "Final Form" appearances: They are all here! The goodness continues with a new pack of combos, relentless Beat'em Up action plus explosive graphics to boot. To show that the sky ain't the limit anymore, the developers have even moved the spirit meter down to the bottom of the screen. While the eleven homecomers offer the same movesets as seen in past versions, in Heat the Soul 3 all characters can now dash across the screen.

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Story-wise, Bleach Heat the Soul 3 sees Kurosaki Ichigo aiding a mysterious girl, who has lost her powers while saving him in the past. It's for this very Kuchiki Rukia, that Ichigo undergoes a tough training regimen, headed by Urahara Kisuke. In the course of this, Ichigo finally reaches full Shinigami status, allowing him to unleash the true powers of his Zangetsu, our main hero's cherished cold steel. Since it is considered close to blasphemy to infuse normal people with Shinigami forces, the hapless Rukia gets imprisoned inside the Senzaikyu, the palace of atonement. It's then, that Ichigo and his sword brothers make their way into the Soul Society...

A tremendous Beat'em Up effort, Bleach Heat the Soul 3 won't disappoint. A huge roster of characters with unique fighting styles each storm through diverse stages that allow you to bring the explosive Anime action with you wherever you go. Bleach gaming at its best: if merely watching the show doesn't kick your mule anymore, here's your twitching fingers' relief right there.