News from Lik Sang

It's been an unlikely wet fantasy of followers of games based on Anime/Manga ever since the first Naruto title hit a gaming platform. As soon as a cooperation between Q Entertainment, the fresh production studio formed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Lumines, Meteos, Ninety-Nine Nights), and Anime big guys 8ing was announced, anticipation soared. We are talking about a brilliant cross-over that brings together popular Shonen Jump franchises Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and Naruto in the release of Battle Stadium D.O.N. for PlayStation 2 and GameCube! Imagine the possibilities, who wouldn't want to take part in a battle, where Son Goku faces Naruto Uzumaki? Or Luffy against Hatake, Freeza vs. Chopper, Vegeta fighting Rock Lee, etc.? Brace yourself for epic standoffs, where four players can have a go simultaneously.

Both the PS2 and GC versions of Battle Stadium D.O.N. are in stock as of today, pre-orders have been shipped out already, while new orders are very welcome for US$ 64.90 each (delivered!). Cool thing about the GameCube copy is that it plays perfectly on all GC systems world-wide if you use the Freeloader, which works as an easy Import Game Enabler.

Another addition is a new combo system called "Burst", which gives you a chance to change your character's form when entering that mode after building up your power. Fighting takes place on a 2D plane, where familiar stages like Tenkaichi Budokai Arena from Dragon Ball Z, Pirate ship "Going Merry" (One Piece) and various Hidden Leaf Village spots (Naruto) let you fight it out in colorful, lovingly crafted locations. Furthermore, look forward to legendary environments Planet Namek, Room of Spirit and Time, West City, Giant Jack, Valley of the End or Forest of Death for example. There's lots of interactivity and power ups to use on top. Killer action throwing fast-cut visuals at you, in an never-ending onslaught of battle screams, while colorful flashes of martial arts moves thunder across the screen. Don't forget to breathe once in a while!

Some might think of Battle Stadium D.O.N. as a console Jump Superstars, which graced the Nintendo DS a while back and has been fully embraced by the gaming community the globe over. Now a similarly genius playstyle can be enjoyed on the "big" platforms with this release. Battle Stadium D.O.N., after all is said about the related Japanesque Anime and Manga craze, is simply a fun, hysterically engaging Beat'em Up; it will pump you up so much that upon announcing your "last go", it might still keep you playing through another long, rewarding gaming night.