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Thread: PS3 To Slow Game Industry Growth?

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    ps3 PS3 To Slow Game Industry Growth?

    DFC Intelligence's game analyst David Cole has released a new report on the next-gen video game market, and he's especially harsh on PS3 plans: 'The high price of the PlayStation 3 is going to slow overall industry growth, especially for software,' and '...if Sony does not change its current strategy for the PS3 the system will probably end up in third place in installed base.' He also suggests that 'the PS3 would be more than 35% of the monthly household income' of average families in some world territories. When will the backlash end?"
    The bottom line is that, even if they ramp up to 200,000 units a month starting this month, they're still not going to hit their 2 million unit goal in time for a November launch. Shortages and the high price tag will mean this is going to be a very weird Christmas console season.

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    Well I'm sold on the PS3 just because of tekken and metal gear,but sony's execs and marketing specialists really have some major mental problems.I mean what a year of bad decisions!

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