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Thread: Sega Bringing Card Reader to DS

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    NDS Sega Bringing Card Reader to DS

    Sega announced today Japanese release plans for Oshare Majo Love and Berry DS Collection, a DS adaptation of the company's popular girls-oriented arcade fashion game. The title will see Japanese release on 11/22, carrying a price point of 6,090 yen.

    This is about $10 more than a standard DS game. So what gives? In order to replicate the arcade experience, Sega's decided to include a card reader with the game. The reader, officially known as the Oshare Mahou Card Reader (Fashionable Magic Card Reader) plugs into the GBA slot of your DS. You can then make use of the same Oshare Mahou Cards that you collected when when playing the arcade version of the title.

    via IGN

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    Wow, sweet

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