News from Guardian:

Wii will get a lot of positive press between now and launch, mainly because it offers a new story - gaming is for everyone - and is easily accessible to even the most cack-handed journalist. Criticism will be thin on the ground as any issues - such as aching wrists or control frustrations- are only likely to come to light after a lengthier play then is possible at a press bash. Or so you'd think.

Nintendo's recent Wii event, which saw the console in the UK for the first time, was aimed at press who hadn't played the console at E3. Bad news for gamesblog but good news for the likes of Arena magazine. The latter, not exactly known for their games coverage, have got an interesting piece that voices some of the physical concerns I raised in May. I was quite tired after 10 mins, so lengthy Wii sessions could be a real workout. The concerns over space are relevant too, though I'd be less concerned about the TV size. Many early adopters will be big telly owning gamers, with the kit already to hand. If Wii does breakthrough to the true mass-market then it is still likely to be stuck under the main TV next to the DVD player. Historically Nintendo's consoles have generally been the children's bedroom choice - to be played on a smaller screen - but the Wii's sleek design and party friendly gaming makes me think it will live with the adults.

Pretty much everyone with an interest in gaming is looking forward to the Wii - including me - but there are some issues getting swept under the carpet in the pre-launch hype.