News from PS2Dev

Well I said I was finished with the current track of PSPLINK but having found little time to work on the v2 branch here is an update to the v1 branch.
So what's new? Ability to reboot psplink into a differnet operating mode (i.e. game, vsh or updater) and have it persist. Useful I would expect for developing vshmain.prx replacements. Ability to run usbhostfs_pc as a daemon, when in this mode the shell is lost but you can send commands to it by passing commands from pcterm prefixed with '@'. Ability to use multiple PSPs on the same PC over USB by setting the product ID on the PSP and on usbhostfs_pc instance. Added a new tool to dump kprintf output via the normal printf channels. Readded tab completion to pcterm, only tab completes local filenames and directories but can be useful if pcterm is running in the same directory as the mounted host.

Well that's it. Oh and if you are in the Helsinki/Finland area turn up to Assembly (3rd to 6th August) where i'll be doing a seminar on PSP development etc. I don't promise it will be interesting however