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Thread: Wii64 Beta 1.1 “Honey” Release - Nintendo 64 Emulator for Wii Released

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    Rev Wii64 Beta 1.1 “Honey” Release - Nintendo 64 Emulator for Wii Released

    Emulatemii have released a new version of their Nintendo 64 Emulator for Wii and Gamecube, heres the news:

    We were planning on releasing this baby last week, but Cube64 was broken! Anyway, good things come to those who wait because we made huge progress on the emulator this past week (see video). We’ll be sharing more technical details later, but for now we hope you enjoy Beta Version 1.1 “Honey”!

    If you appreciate our work, or just feel like helping us out, please feel free to something to show your appreciation. Donations are what keep this website alive, so they’re very much appreciated.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    YEEEEEESSS!!! It's finally out!

    It was delayed because of cube 64?!?

    But it was worth the wait.

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    I have looked almost everywhere. I can't find a stand alone version of dvdx 2. I had 1 installed then removed it when I used hackmii 0.7 because it wasn't needed anymore. Now I am looking everywhere to no avail. And to make matters worse wiibrew is down and so is codemii. There has to be a wad/elf/dol somewhere for this thing. I just want to use a dvd because franckly it's easier and has a lower oppurtunity cost than dedicating USB space.

    I started medi player CE and it was fine, but then I went to wii64 and it still says that dvdx 2 is not found
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    can you play any games yet with this version?

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    Yes. F-Zero and Zelda 64 run great.

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