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Thread: Sprite Combat

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    NDS Sprite Combat

    News/release from WinterAce

    Here's a game I made using PAlib. I made this a while ago, with DS Game Maker, but modified its source. Not very much, I know, but I consider it great for my first game ever. This is the final release, I won't be updating it, though it says a Story may be on its way. Just thought I should show it to you fellas. I don't think the game saves, but you can try....

    Its a RPS-based game but it has different options: Sword, Energy Ball and Shield. You can choose from 6 opponents, though they don't make a difference. Its a pretty black game, I mean, no backgrounds, etc. Get to 10 before your opponent to win. Features 3 random in-combat sounds. Everything else in the now outdated ReadMe.

    Would love to listen to your comments...

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Hah, I guess the downtime made wraggster forget he already posted this before. Or, maybe I'm missing something? If so, please tell.

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