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Thread: [RELEASED] PSNAbler for FTB3 PATCH - play SOCOM 3 online

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    Default [RELEASED] PSNAbler for FTB3 PATCH - play SOCOM 3 online

    Let's face the right truth. This patch was released anyway sooner or later. The idea is that everything we have to do now, is to seat and watch how a beautiful game will be ruined after about 1 month from release!
    This just opened the cheater's favorites doors. The game will be ruined like FTB2.

    For details and download:


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    That is a pretty depressing way to look at things. At least cheaters will have to pay for the game before they cheat.
    I do not remember anyone ever cheating in FTB2, though. I have only ever played FTB2 on the 1.60 update and never seen cheaters.

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